1,000,000,000,000 Total Supply

  • 74.5% (745,000,000,000) allocated to METASHIP Rewards

    • Immutable mint limit, contract ownership keys burned

  • 20% (200,000,000,000) allocated to Liquidity Provider Incentives

    • Locked in GYSR, keys burned

  • 0.5% (5,000,000,000) allocated as Initial Liquidity

    • Locked in Sushiswap LP, keys burned

  • 0% accessible by developers

    • This is a "fair" pro-chaos launch.


Every block (13.3s), METAL is distributed (made available to collect) to every METASHIP in existence. The amount of METAL distributed per ship scales based on (1) individual ship attributes and (2) the weekly multiplier.

"Pending" METAL is then stored on each individual ship and will stay with it in the event of an ERC721 token transfer.

Weekly Multipliers

Weeks are defined as groups of 45,473 Ethereum blocks, starting at the GENESIS_BLOCK of the METASHIP contract. Weekly multiplier applies to the base metal generated by each METASHIP for that week.

Important to note, any METASHIPS with pending METAL at the end of a week (when the multiplier changes) will have their pending METAL SLASHED. As such, it is important to collect your METAL at least once a week.

  • Week 1 = 16x

  • Week 2 = 10x

  • Week 3 = 8x

  • Week 4 = 5x

  • Week 5 = 4x

  • Week 6 = 3x

  • Week 7-8 = 2x

  • Week 9+ = 1x

Liquidity Provider Incentives

To encourage deep METAL liquidity, 200,000,000,000 METAL will be distributed over 32 weeks via to those providing liquidity on the following pairs:

Initial Liquidity

This METAL will be locked into the ETH/METAL LP pair on SUSHISWAP and the controlling wallet's keys will be permanently burned.

The starting price of METAL will be $0.0000002

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