METASHIPS are sold in bundles known as "Restocks" inside of "Generations", every Generation has 20 Restocks.

When the current "restock" sells out of METASHIPS (no time limit for this to occur), the next "Restock" will occur either in:

a. 1 DAY (if new generation aka 20th restock)

b. 1-10 HOURS (if same generation)

The specific amount of time is based on the current Generation's per-restock ship quantity. The more ships per-restock, the longer the delay.

The formula for the restock delay is: (shipStockMultiplier x 1hr)

  • Generation 1 = 10 hours

  • Generation 2 = 6 hours

  • Generation 3-5 = 4 hours

  • Generation 5-20 = 2 hours

  • Generation 20+ = 1 hour

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